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      Make your money simple

      A quarter is a new way of managing your budget and personal expenses. It has never been simpler than now. All you have to do is just to install the app and it will start calculating the costs of your expenses right away. No need to enter the data manually. 

      It's more than a budget manager

      • Background audioThe app doesn't block your music player. You can open your financial reports while listening. Moreover, you can even pick a soundtrack for each folder. Music makes your way around finances more fun. 

      • NotificationsPut the benchmarks and spending limits to keep you aware of your financial situation. If you are going to achieve a financial goal or to cut your spending limit, the app will warn you with the immediate notification. 

      • Simple intuitive interfaceOur application has nothing to do with the stereotype about boring financial affairs. There are no boring spreadsheets, diagrams, and graphs, but a gamified design with a system of goals and rewards.

      • SharingExport all your financial data in pdf, xls, or docx in custom designed reports. You can also share the achievements directly via social media. 

      Online transactions and payments


      Your wallet is connected to the most popular payment systems. Use the tool to save, send, and receive money. 

      • Receive profits

      • Maximize savings

      • Spend responsibly

      How it works

      • Download

        Download and install the app

      • Fill in the form

        Fill in a short form to create an account

      • Scan

        Allow the application to scan your spendings and profits

      • Get benefit

        Set goals, limits, and receive reports


      • Open-minded

        We are always in search of new ideas, trying to examine different fields and deploy a positive approach.

      • Long-term cooperation

        We believe that a close and effective partnership should last a lifetime.

      • Turnkey solutions

        Every product or service we provide is empowered with the top-notch features to deliver the best possible result to our clients.

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      All Your Budgets In One Place

      Build a financial strategy and plan future spendings. The application will not just manage your income and expenses but will also help you to achieve the benchmarks. Consult financial experts and receive powerful insights on financial optimization. Track your progress and get rewarded for showing great results. 


      The app really stands out from the other options because of its fun approach to the budget control

      • Quantum CEO & our partners
      • Digital Marketing workshop lecturer
      • Quantum Company at WebSummit


      Mark Stone

      I am definitely a finance-control freak, and I always worry about spending too much or not being reasonable enough in my expenses. To avoid keeping my budget in mind all the time, I tried different applications to keep me at ease and prove that I am still okay financially and not drowning in debt. But the more I tried, the more my financial anxiety was growing. With this app, however, it's different. It's really relaxing and fun to use. 

      Press reviews

      Quantum CEO & our partners
      Quantum CEO & our partners
      Quantum CEO & our partners
      Quantum CEO & our partners
      Quantum CEO & our partners
      Quantum CEO & our partners

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